Deeper Insight into David Koch’s Approach towards Improving Your Earning Power


David Koch has worked day and night and now millions envy his success. He was once a Finance Editor at Sunrise and now he is hosting a show. What a transformation it has been, isn’t it? Yes, to be precise, he has always been an optimist and an opportunist. Good things have come his way, but it’s only because he never let a single opportunity slip by, and here’s what he advises to increase your earning power.

Be an Opportunist

David was an opportunist when they offered him an editor’s job. When things passed by, he worked on his basics and now he hosts the show himself. A seven network star at times can’t believe that he has grown exponentially. Not just the people around him, but at times, he questions himself too – “How on earth did a finance journalist end up hosting Sunrise?” – well, the straightforward answer is grabbing the right opportunity at the right time.

Believe in Yourself

“Always have enough confidence in yourself to give anything a go. But also have enough confidence, if it doesn’t work out, to go and do something else.” That’s the single best bit of advice I’ve ever received, and I’ve tried to follow it to the letter. It came from my father, and I’m trying to pass it down to my children. In essence, it means never be scared of an opportunity. Grab it, give it your best shot, and if it doesn’t work out, then move on to something else, and always believe in yourself that you can do it

Do Something That Is Unique

When I was a young, ambitious 25-year-old journalist, I looked around at all the finance media icons to see what I could learn and how I could be as good. They were all highly skilled with great contacts and much older than I was.

So I looked for what could be the next big thing in finance journalism, something so new and different than the usual rules wouldn’t apply and age wouldn’t matter.

I’d seen the boom in personal finance media in the US while visiting my parents, who were living in San Francisco at the time. So I decided to do the same thing in Australia. I think the key in any career is to look around and find an in-demand specialty where you can develop a unique set of skills that can set you apart from the rest.

Assess Your Job Category

The economy and technology have dramatically changed the working landscape. Tens of thousands of positions have been made redundant and some jobs have disappeared altogether — including many jobs in print media, where I started out.

If you’re in a large company, the first step is to look for the right department and job. Ignore the gossip and check with the personnel department to see which divisions are hiring. Internal transfers usually receive preference. Ask department heads about their long-range plans, and scan trade magazines or websites to learn which parts of your industry are expanding.

Build Your Rapport

One of the biggest assets of a company is its brand, and you should be thinking the same way about you and your career. Do the best you can at work and build a great reputation in your company.

Volunteer for company projects and activities outside your specialty — it might be the social club, becoming a first-aid officer, helping on a committee.

Get actively involved in your industry association as a member or on a committee — you’ll learn a lot and make good contacts with competitors and suppliers.

Building your personal brand and rapport is all about being seen as good at your job by your boss — and the bosses of your competitors.

Find a Trustworthy Mentor

A trustworthy mentor is all you need when you kick-start your career as you are very young when you graduate from school and you will not know what to do. A good mentor should help you get away the negative vibes and always fill in the positive energy.



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